Mesa is a growing area and has seen an explosion in the popular over the past couple of years. This is now the third largest city in Arizona and is the 38th largest city in the United States. Half a million people live in Mesa. The Mayor John Giles gave this information during his State of the City address.

Giles became mayor on January 12th, and he has already spoken about the growth of the city, the economy, and the diverse people that live there. He also spoke about bring additional jobs to Mesa as well as new housing. Apple is planning a data center here, and there is a Union Brickyard shopping and dining project planned at the Mesa Riverview.

According to Giles Mesa is growing strong. The city has seen an explosion in popular.

Population reaching half a million

Giles wants people to look past the city life and see the communities where residents can live comfortably. There are also plenty of businesses and lots of things to do for tourists. There are many hotels to stay at and new ones are being developed.

Communities are being developed including Eastmark, Lehi Crossing and Cadence at the Gateway and the East Valley are helping make this area more populated.

Giles shared his excitement in the growing Mesa community. He hopes that the city will continue to grow in a helpful way.

The city of Phoenix has issued 2.492 new home permits in 2016. Mesa is next with 2,090 and Peoria comes in next with 1,641. Hotel bookings have increased around 50 percent in 2016 alone.
This is already the 38th largest city in the nation with 472,000 residents. Once the city surpasses half a million residents, it will surpass Phoenix and Tucson.

Giles is excited to see the Mesa community grow. He sees this as a good sign the community is heading in the right direction.

Giles has given credit to several development companies that have continued to expand the city and the effort to make Mesa great.
There has been a great deal of revalorization to the Fiesta District and the expansion of Falcon Field Airport.

The former home of Macy’s at the Fiesta Mall which has been empty since 2014 was turned into an office building. There is 150,000 square feet for businesses to operate.

Shortly more redevelopment is expected. The northwestern section of Alma School Road and Southern Avenue are next on the list. While plans are not yet materialized, there are some ideas in the works.

The AutoNation dealership in the downtown area is set to be demolished. Housing is expected to replace this dealership.

There is not just one culture in Mesa. This city has a strong Latino, Native American, African American, and Asian American cultures. There are also many different religious organizations.

Many say the city is great due to the diversity.

According to the 2010 census, the population of Mesa is 64 percent white, 26 percent Latino, 3.5 percent African American, 2.4 percent Native American, and 1.9 percent Asian American. Around 3 percent of the culture state they identify with more than one race.

According to Giles, the city is great due to this diversity.
In January Mesa adopted the Unity Pledge to make sure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Arizona have equal rights. This pledge is one step closer the city is to adapting a nondiscrimination ordinance.

While the ordinance has not yet been approved Mesa has updated the laws to prevent discrimination in the workplace.